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Learn Indonesian – even a little will make a huge difference to your business or leisure experience in Indonesia.

Enrich your experience of Indonesia and its people by learning with BBIP. Our experienced teachers are all background speakers who draw on deep personal background in Indonesian culture and language.

The language that is strategically useful, most likely to be useable on low-cost, nearby holidays and relatively easy to grasp in its basics is Indonesian. It has simple pronunciation and structure, and a phonetic script using the Roman alphabet.

Hamish McDonald “Asia Pacific” Editor, April 2008.

About BBIP Courses

Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth classes focus on listening, speaking and reading skills. They are designed to get you interacting as quickly as possible in everyday situations like meeting people, finding your way around and negotiating accommodation, transport and business.

Some numbers:

  • 3 levels of courses (Beginner 1, Beginner 2 and Elementary)
  • 4 courses per year (in school terms)
  • 8  weeks per course
  • 2 hours per week, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • 2 venues – central Perth and Swanbourne
  • 6 people – the minimum number of enrolments to run a course

Which Course For You?

Beginners Level 1: Survival

Learn basic communication skills for common situations like meeting people, buying something, catching a taxi, introducing yourself and others and making small-talk about yourself (family, country, reason for visit).  You will practise listening to ‘get-an-ear’ for the language and become familiar with Indonesian pronunciation.

Beginners Level 2

Learn what to do and say in a variety of workplace and social scenarios.  The four modules are similar in grammatical difficulty and complexity.

Module 2a  Adik-kakak dan sanak saudara
Conduct everyday conversations with others about their families and typical daily activities.

Module 2b  Kerja lembur
Conduct typical conversations about work and professions, including workplace environments and activities.

Module 2c  Mau nonton?
Make arrangements for social and entertainment outings(films, exhibitions, sport, celebrations) with friends.

Module 2d   Ke rumah, yuk?
Describe the locations and features of landmarks and urban, suburban and regional areas.



Consolidate and broaden your vocabulary and language use.

  • 3A Bisa bicara / bertemu dengan . . . ? Can I speak with / see . . . ?
    Making an appointment; leaving a message; receiving a message; days, dates, times; businesses and occupations.
  • 3B Gimana caranya?
    Directions; asking and showing the way; filling in forms; enquiring about costs and availability; where to go for . . .
  • 3C Maaf, AC tidak dingin.
    Accommodation, facilities and services; check-in and check-out; enquiries and complaints; types of accommodation.
  • 3D Silakan pegawai dilarang masuk.
    Explaining positive and negative obligations; providing suggestions and solutions; softening a message.

Read a story by a Level 3 student and send yours in for publication when you have completed Level 3.

Conversation class

Maintain your Indonesian fluency with targeted practice sessions in the classroom and online between lessons. Class content is flexible and includes current affairs, films, music, sport and other topics of interest to the class.

Course Enrolment Process

Become a member of BBIP

Only members are eligible to enrol in BBIP courses. Members receive alerts when online enrolments open each quarter.

Select a course (See above)

Select a venue

Classes are held

  • in the city (Consulate General of RI, 134 Adelaide Terrace) and
  • in Swanbourne (Scotch College, Shenton Road).

Terms and Conditions

Enrol and pay online

You will receive an immediate acknowledgement and later email messages confirming your enrolment.

Most classes require a minimum of 6 students to enable BBIP to run the class. If a class has less than 6 enrolments the week before lessons are due to start, BBIP will cancel the class for that term, inform all who have enrolled and issue refunds.

Language Courses

Language Courses at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia

October 24, 2019 - 6:30 pm$180.00 Unlimited tickets

2019T4Elem3dP Elementary level 3d Perth

Selain pegawai dilarang masuk. Explaining positive and negative obligations; providing...
View Details
October 21, 2019 - 6:30 pm$180.00 Unlimited tickets

2019T4SurvivalP Beginners Survival Perth

Learn basic communication skills for common situations like meeting people,...
View Details
October 22, 2019 - 6:30 pm$180.00 Unlimited tickets

2019T4Beg2dP Beginners’ Level 2d Perth

Ke rumah, yuk  Describe the location and features of landmarks...
View Details

Language Courses at Scotch College, Swanbourne

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Our Teachers & Students

Great learning experience

The learning is going very well, and I am definitely keen on continuing with the learning by enrolling in future units at Balai Bahasa. I think Pak Ari is a great teacher and very, very friendly. He encourages us to email him with any questions or queries and, in my experience, has always been quick to respond.

He also creates a relaxing atmosphere in class which makes me (and I’m sure the other students too!) look forward to attending every week. I honestly can’t think of any ideas to improve the classes – It’s been a great experience for me so far.

Bruno, March 2019

Great experience

I could not imagine a better introduction to learning Indonesian. Ibu Hara is endlessly patient and very encouraging to all students, whilst also managing to inject humour into each class. It has been a great experience.

Just what I wanted.

I was going to say we should try and do more conversation and then last week that’s exactly what we did – lots of conversation. So I’m really happy and hope It continues like this as I’ll definitely be back for more!


Learning the language is just the start.

Thanks for the classes with BBIP. I have truly enjoyed them over the past couple of years and have come a long way with my Indonesian which has in turn fuelled my interest in getting involved in bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia.  Thank you so much to everyone who manages the organisational side of things and to your wonderful teachers.

Love a challenge!

Absolutely love my BBIP classes, they have given me so much more than I had ever thought when I just wanted to learn a little bit of Indonesian for my holidays in Bali. The conversation class with Ibu Amanda is probably one of the best conversation classes I have ever attended, primarily because she always speaks in Indonesian, even to explain things.  I love that there is a combination of new and challenging vocabulary and that she doesn’t bring her level of conversation down for students but rather requires that they rise to her level.


Ibu Hara + Quizlet = Happy

I think the structure of the course is very good and Hara is an excellent teacher. Quizlet is very useful. Overall I am very happy with the course and plan to continue ideally with Hara as the teacher!!


Interesting, challenging and fun.

Attending Ibu Amanda’s Bahasai Indonesia class has been a valued and very rewarding experience. Ibu Amanda has made classes most interesting, challenging and fun. Ibu Amanda’s style is both warm and friendly, and well informed.  She encourages students to engage and participate in a manner that actively promotes learning in a friendly but professional environment. I can only say that I whole heartedly recommend the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses to anyone, and I know I speak on behalf of all my fellow students, when I say thank you to Ibu Amanda, for giving us all the benefits of your knowledge and that we look forward to seeing you next term.


Great teacher

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Ibu Noni as a teacher. She is so enthusiastic and passionate and lots of fun. We’d love to have her again next term if you can convince her.

Christine, Anne Marie, Greg and Philip

Make new friends

Loved chatting with this little eight year old Dayak girl. She was very shy and probably a bit frightened of me. I felt privileged that after our little chat she was happy to have her Mum take this photo with me…Without the work of BBIP I wouldn’t have been able to chat to her or even have been there. BBIP developed my love and interest in the wider Indonesia…. such an enchanting country. Thank you!

Consulate General of RI

134 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA Australia

Scotch College

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