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Dreams come true with BBIP

I never dreamed I would be able to speak another language, and BBIP has made that possible
Thanks for all your amazing work.  Naomi 2022

Let’s chat


The Bahasa Conversation class at Scotch College was excellent. Our teacher was wonderful and provided a whole range of activities to help me improve my Bahasa. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to have fun whilst improving their Bahasa language skills.   Barbara, Conversation class, Swanbourne

Very happy with the conversation course. The teacher is excellent and puts in a lot of effort to make her classes interesting, informative and fun.   Glenys, Conversation class, Swanbourne

The course is very interesting with a wide range of topics and a good variety of ways of teaching the various skills. An excellent teacher.  Judith, Conversation class, Swanbourne

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Questions . . . and answers

My teacher is extremely supportive. Our group have been learning together for over a year now. Pak Andre encourages us to ask questions which he answers and then gives us follow up homework on the area of concern. A great way to learn.

Jennifer, Beg 2A online with Pak Andre

Getting ready to return to Indonesia

I have never been to formal lessons for Bahasa Indonesia before. I have lived in Indonesia for some time and can put words together. After 2 terms of BBIP I feel a lot more fluent and gaps in my grammar are being filled so my language is more understandable. Our class is relaxed, informative and fun and I look forward to next term.    Jane, Beginners’ 2b, Swanbourne, June 2021

As a mature student studying the Indonesian language it stretches ones mental capacity ..,The teachers deliver the language and culture of Indonesia in a meaningful way ..its a relaxing way to learn and ultimately when we can travel to Bali it will be extremely practical knowing the basics ..   Greg J Beginners 2b June 2021


Even though we can’t travel to Indonesia right now, it is a great time to try and improve our language skills. I have really enjoyed Ibu Wieke’s class. We have a great group who interact really well together and Ibu Wieke strikes the perfect balance between making the classes both fun and challenging. A great way to meet interesting people too.   Christine C Beginners 2b June 2021

Ayo ikut!

Guru hebat. Excellent combination of language learning and cultural issues in our Beginners Level 2 class.  Christine

Ibu Guru always conducts her classes well and includes everyone in the lesson.  Anne Marie

The teachers and organisers at BBIP are very passionate about what they do and it shows in their teaching. The native speakers in particular provide practical application of the Indonesian language as well as cultural context. Each course I’ve taken has been a fantastic experience.   Tom

Great beginnings

I have enjoyed my first term very much. Very helpful and nice teacher (Ibu Amanda) definitely going back for second term.   Jorg

The teacher Pak Andre was very inclusive and made the online class fun and productive. Carmel

2021 Conversation class – Swanbourne

Course was well suited to conversational needs. Our teacher was excellent and colleagues too at advanced level to make for a balanced class and participatory learning situation.   Kevin

My conversation is relatively okay but I enjoyed extending my vocabulary and finessing my conversation.   Richard


2021 Conversation online

The conversational class was a great way to practice listening and responding to questions. Pak Andre did a wonderful job of making sure everyone was able to participate and learn in each lesson. Thanks BBIP.  Joe, March 2021

Online practice

An engaging course, providing learners equal opportunities to practice new and learnt vocabulary.

Iswari, June 2020

Course had what I wanted

Pak Guru was extremely helpful and always able to answer my questions. Course material was extremely comprehensive.

Jessica, June 2020

So much better to learn with interaction

Once into the groove of learning Bahasa Indonesia in an online course, I really enjoyed the conversation and opportunity to learn from other students, and of course Pak Zacky.

Pak Zacky was immensely patient and good natured throughout. I got a lot out of the course, including small tips as to how things were the way they were, which you don’t get from other online language resources (e.g. apps).   Rohan, June 2020

Fantastic kick start

Thank you BBIP and in particular Pak Andre. It was fantastic to kick start Bahasa Indonesia. 😊

Mary, June 2020

Active participation

Pak Zacky is a very good teacher and makes the course enjoyable yet interesting, and with a great participation from everyone. Will definitely book more classes untuk belajar Bahasa Indonesia!

Flavie, June 2020

No longer nervous

I was a little nervous about learning Indonesian as an adult, but Pak Zacky was a warm and very skilled teacher who put everyone at ease and gave us enough challenge to keep us on our toes but not be overwhelmed. As a former language teacher myself I appreciated the mix of learning techniques used, and reviewing content at the beginning of each lesson. The online module suited me perfectly as well.

Julia, June 2020

Less travel, more learning

A very accessible, time efficient way of having classes without the need to travel after work. Our teacher, Pak Zacky, was friendly, patient and really responsive to queries out of class.

Adrian, June 2020

Amazing course

Firstly, thank you for conducting such an amazing course. There was a lot of information presented, but it didn’t feel overloaded at all. Pak Zacky, you have been both patient and kind.     Scott, July 2020

Studying from home

Just wanted to say that Pak Zakky has been a fantastic teacher! He is patient, funny and very approachable and encourages students to give it a go. Pak Zakky was also really helpful outside of class, reviewing a draft Indonesian script I had prepared for an oral exam. The online classes work well and make it possible to study from home. Terima kasih Pak Zakky dan semuanya!    Pak Simon 2020

Super cool

I started Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth course Beginners 2B Kelas Daring in May 2020. This is a very timely experience for online platform with COVID 19 . Our teacher Pak Andre has been very supportive to train us all how to connect to and use excellent online tools and resources. We are all using Abode Connect and Schoology. The class has been a very valuable and rewarding experience both for beginners Indonesian and online learning. Our teacher, Pak Andre is very friendly and engaging and is always on hand to make the classes fun, interesting, and interactive. Pak Andre is super cool and friendly and how lucky are we to have access to a native Bahasa Indonesian speaker conducting the classes.

I agree with Jacqui that Pak Andre encourages students to engage and participate in a manner that actively promotes learning in a friendly and professional environment. I too would highly recommend the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses and huge thank you to Pak Andre for sharing his language, knowledge and expertise. Mary, June 2020

Fun, educative and satisfying

I thoroughly enjoyed developing my Indonesian language skills and intercultural understandings with my teacher, Pak Zacky. It is clear he is a very passionate and dedicated educator who provided enriching learning opportunities for me and my classmates. He delivered well-planned, interactive and exciting lessons every week, and consistently provided constructive feedback in a timely manner. The safe online learning environment he created enabled me to become more confident when speaking in Indonesian and less apprehensive to try new phrases and vocabulary. 

I happily encourage anyone interested in expanding their language skills and knowledge of one of Australia’s most important neighbours to join a course offered by BBIP. The experience will be fun, educative and satisfying. Ayo belajar Bahasa Indonesia dengan BBIP!      Pak Vincent, June 2020

Friendly and professional

I have commenced Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses at level 2 this year online which has excellent online tools and resources to access. The class has been a valuable and rewarding experience. Our teacher, Pak Andre has made the classes interesting and challenging. He is both warm and friendly and it’s great to have a native Bahasa Indonesian speaker who is conducting the classes from Indonesia.

Pak Andre encourages students to engage and participate in a manner that actively promotes learning in a friendly and professional environment. I would highly recommend the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses, thank you to Pak Andre, for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Ibu Jacqui June 2020

Expectations exceeded

I signed up for the Conversation class when the classes went online as I do not live in Perth, and I was initially a little bit unsure if my language skills were up to level, however both Ibu Moya and Pak Zacky who was teaching the class were very supportive and provided lots of options for me to continue. During my registration and since then it has been really easy to get in touch with both my teacher and the enrolments/student services people in BBIP.

My teacher Pak Zachy has completely exceeded my expectations for this course. The resources uploaded on to Schoology are great and I can tell that my teacher has put some effort in to selecting appropriate materials which will develop our skills appropriately.

The lessons are well planned and sequenced and my teacher Pak Zachy seems to differentiate almost without effort, ensuring that everyone in the course are challenged at the appropriate level based on where we are in our language learning journey. As a teacher myself I can really appreciate the effort that is put in to running this course and I feel that the cost of the course is also very reasonable.

I look forward to completing another course next term and highly recommend others to give it a go.

Pak Lourens 2020

Online learning

The online conversation class with Pak Zacky is really good – he is excellent and the online course is working much better than I expected. Thanks to Balai Bahasa for making it happen.        Naomi, May 2020


Learning the language is just the start.

Thanks for the classes with BBIP. I have truly enjoyed them over the past couple of years and have come a long way with my Indonesian which has in turn fuelled my interest in getting involved in bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia.  Thank you so much to everyone who manages the organisational side of things and to your wonderful teachers.

Love a challenge!

Absolutely love my BBIP classes, they have given me so much more than I had ever thought when I just wanted to learn a little bit of Indonesian for my holidays in Bali. The conversation class with Ibu Amanda is probably one of the best conversation classes I have ever attended, primarily because she always speaks in Indonesian, even to explain things.  I love that there is a combination of new and challenging vocabulary and that she doesn’t bring her level of conversation down for students but rather requires that they rise to her level.


2 hours well-spent

Saya senang sekali dengan BBIP. Ibu Theresia sangat baik dan menarik. She is very helpful and informative and I like the way she is so punctual. 2 hours is perfect also. I like the balance between culture and language. I wouldn’t change anything.


Interesting, challenging and fun.

Attending Ibu Amanda’s Bahasai Indonesia class has been a valued and very rewarding experience. Ibu Amanda has made classes most interesting, challenging and fun. Ibu Amanda’s style is both warm and friendly, and well informed.  She encourages students to engage and participate in a manner that actively promotes learning in a friendly but professional environment. I can only say that I whole heartedly recommend the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses to anyone, and I know I speak on behalf of all my fellow students, when I say thank you to Ibu Amanda, for giving us all the benefits of your knowledge and that we look forward to seeing you next term.


Great teacher

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Ibu Noni as a teacher. She is so enthusiastic and passionate and lots of fun. We’d love to have her again next term if you can convince her.

Christine, Anne Marie, Greg and Philip

Make new friends

I loved chatting with this little eight year old Dayak girl. She was very shy and probably a bit frightened of me. I felt privileged that after our little chat she was happy to have her Mum take this photo with me…Without the work of BBIP I wouldn’t have been able to chat to her or even have been there. BBIP developed my love and interest in the wider Indonesia…. such an enchanting country. Thank you!

Term dates for BBIP classes in 2023

TERM 1 2023

6 February -6 April

TERM 3 2023

July -  September

Enrolments will open before the current term ends, for example, enrolments for Term 2 will open in late March.

TERM 2 2023

 1 May - 30 June

TERM 4 2023

16 October - 7 December

Please read the Terms and conditions. Refunds are made if a course is cancelled due to low enrolments.

The Essentials

Courses consist of 8 x 2-hour lessons.

 Lessons run from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Face to face classes cost $200 per term + annual BBIP membership of $25.

Online classes cost $180 per term + annual BBIP membership of $25.

Discounts of 10% are available on application to holders of valid pension/health/student cards.

ENROL NOW for July - September 2023

Swanbourne classes for 2023:

All classes are on Tuesdays from 2 May to 20 June.

Beginners' 1 - Survival on Tuesdays

Beginners' 2 on Tuesdays

Conversation on Tuesdays


Click on a venue for details of the courses available.

Online courses in 2023:

Beginners' Survival on Mondays

Beginners' 2 on Tuesdays 

Conversation on Wednesdays

Elementary 3 on Thursdays


Do you have a query about BBIP's Indonesian language classes? email your query.

Which Course For You?

Beginners Level 1: Survival

Learn basic communication skills for common situations like meeting people, buying something, catching a taxi, introducing yourself and others and making small-talk about yourself (family, country, reason for visit).  You will practise listening to 'get-an-ear' for the language and become familiar with Indonesian pronunciation.

Elementary Level 3

Consolidate and broaden your vocabulary and language use.

  • 3A Ada dokter? I need to see the doctor.
    Illness and injury, visiting the doctor, making appointments – dates, times, days, telephone language, giving and following instructions.
  •  3B Selera.
    Ingredients for Indonesian cuisine, asking for and giving instructions, talking about food, kitchen equipment, arranging a dinner party / menu, reading recipes
  • 3C Mau nonton filem?
    Film genres and personal preferences, writing film reviews, retelling plot, describing characters,  Indonesian film industry, influence of Western film in Indonesia
  • 3D Mau ke mana?
    Popular travel destinations in Australia and Indonesia, travel activities, transport and modes of travel, booking travel/accommodation, weather and climate.

Read a story by a Level 3 student and send yours in for publication when you have completed Level 3.

Beginners Level 2

Learn what to do and say in a variety of workplace and social scenarios.  The four modules are similar in grammatical difficulty and complexity.

Module 2a  Adik-kakak dan sanak saudara
Conduct everyday conversations with others about their families and typical daily activities.

Module 2b  Kerja lembur
Conduct typical conversations about work and professions, including workplace environments and activities.

Module 2c  Mau nonton?
Make arrangements for social and entertainment outings(films, exhibitions, sport, celebrations) with friends.

Module 2d   Ke rumah, yuk?
Describe the locations and features of landmarks and urban, suburban and regional areas.



Maintain your Indonesian fluency with targeted practice sessions in the classroom and online between lessons. Class content is flexible and includes current affairs, films, music, sport and other topics of interest to the class.

Rate your proficiency

Use the ISLPR scales to assess your language level. The SPEAKING scale will guide you to the appropriate BBIP Indonesian class. DOWNLOAD the ISLPR scales.

Terms and Conditions

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