Celebrate writing and writers

Kembali 2020 brings the Ubud Writers’ Festival to Perth.


Enhance your experience of Indonesia. Enrol in an evening course or we can tailor a course for your business.


BBIP keeps you up-to-date and connects you to the culture and language of our nearest neighbours.

Get Involved

Language ambassadors, assistants, film fans, BBIP members or Board; there’s something for every volunteer.

ASILE Conference 2021

Really advanced notice of the 16th biennial conference of the Australian Society of Indonesian Language  of Educators.

29 September -1 October 2021

Call for abstracts.  There’s even more time now, to consider what you can present to the ASILE Conference 2021.

Click on the image or the date to go to the conference home page.



Meet the Board

Start the video to see the 2020 BBIP Board and their roles .

Click HERE to read about Board members.

Who we are

BBIP is managed by a voluntary Board elected at our Annual General Meeting every February. Our members, including our Board members, are made up of people from all walks of life and professions, share a common interest in Indonesian culture, language, people and progress and are keen to promote closer ties and better understandings between Australians and Indonesians. Please join us!

What we can do for you

Have you seen the Act, Belong, Commit campaign for improved mental wellbeing?

BBIP fits the bill to Act, Belong, Commit:

  • come along to BBIP events
  • join us for a chat
  • volunteer
  • read stories of people and places not so far away
  • learn the language and about the culture
  • help our neighbours
  • meet new people
  • help others to learn more about Indonesia

Bet you feel better already.

Support BBIP


Want to do a language class?

Want to support the good work we do?

Then become a Member

It’s only A$ 25 per year
and there are so many benefits! 

Our amazing volunteers

As a not-for-profit organisation, BBIP relies on the goodwill, talent and time of our volunteers to plan and deliver events such as the Perth Indonesian Film Festival and the Michael J in Oz concerts, exhibitions and language, cooking and arts courses.


Bruno’s commitment to BBIP shows in his work as Treasurer and in his participation in our Indonesian language classes. He is precise and efficient yet… Read More “Treasurer”

Bruno de Palva


Bapak Syahri Sakidin, sangat menekankan pada “people to people contact”. Read More “Vice-Chair”

Syahri Sakidin

Convenor, 2021 ASILE Conference

In 2020 Karen Bailey stepped down from the Chairperson role after 11 years in order to lead the BBIP-WILTA joint organising committee for the 16th… Read More “Convenor, 2021 ASILE Conference”


What would we do without Kellie and Lorna? They can be relied on always to assist with and promote BBIP activities and their smiles spread… Read More “Supporters”


Leon Walker was elected Chairperson in 2020 and brings an organised business focus to the Board’s work of review and planning in 2020. Read More “Chairperson”

Leon Walker

Consulate General of RI

134 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA Australia

Scotch College

how can we help?


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PO Box 7156
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