Which Course For You?

Beginners Level 1: Survival

Learn basic communication skills for common situations like meeting people, buying something, catching a taxi, introducing yourself and others and making small-talk about yourself (family, country, reason for visit).  You will practise listening to ‘get-an-ear’ for the language and become familiar with Indonesian pronunciation.

Elementary Level 3

Consolidate and broaden your vocabulary and language use.

  • 3A Ada dokter? I need to see the doctor.
    Illness and injury, visiting the doctor, making appointments – dates, times, days, telephone language, giving and following instructions.
  •  3B Selera.
    Ingredients for Indonesian cuisine, asking for and giving instructions, talking about food, kitchen equipment, arranging a dinner party / menu, reading recipes
  • 3C Mau nonton filem?
    Film genres and personal preferences, writing film reviews, retelling plot, describing characters,  Indonesian film industry, influence of Western film in Indonesia
  • 3D Mau ke mana?
    Popular travel destinations in Australia and Indonesia, travel activities, transport and modes of travel, booking travel/accommodation, weather and climate.

Read a story by a Level 3 student and send yours in for publication when you have completed Level 3.

Beginners Level 2

Learn what to do and say in a variety of workplace and social scenarios.  The four modules are similar in grammatical difficulty and complexity.

Module 2a  Adik-kakak dan sanak saudara
Conduct everyday conversations with others about their families and typical daily activities.

Module 2b  Kerja lembur
Conduct typical conversations about work and professions, including workplace environments and activities.

Module 2c  Mau nonton?
Make arrangements for social and entertainment outings(films, exhibitions, sport, celebrations) with friends.

Module 2d   Ke rumah, yuk?
Describe the locations and features of landmarks and urban, suburban and regional areas.



Maintain your Indonesian fluency with targeted practice sessions in the classroom and online between lessons. Class content is flexible and includes current affairs, films, music, sport and other topics of interest to the class.

DOWNLOAD the ISLPR scales.to rate your proficiency

The SPEAKING scale will guide you to the appropriate BBIP Indonesian class.