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Helpful and friendly

I wanted to say that Andre Maure was an excellent teacher and was extremely helpful and friendly during the entirety of the course.

Mayne, September 2022

Let’s chat


The Bahasa Conversation class at Scotch College was excellent. Our teacher was wonderful and provided a whole range of activities to help me improve my Bahasa. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to have fun whilst improving their Bahasa language skills.   Barbara, Conversation class, Swanbourne

Very happy with the conversation course. The teacher is excellent and puts in a lot of effort to make her classes interesting, informative and fun.   Glenys, Conversation class, Swanbourne

The course is very interesting with a wide range of topics and a good variety of ways of teaching the various skills. An excellent teacher.  Judith, Conversation class, Swanbourne

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Questions . . . and answers

My teacher is extremely supportive. Our group have been learning together for over a year now. Pak Andre encourages us to ask questions which he answers and then gives us follow up homework on the area of concern. A great way to learn.

Jennifer, Beg 2A online with Pak Andre

Getting ready to return to Indonesia

I have never been to formal lessons for Bahasa Indonesia before. I have lived in Indonesia for some time and can put words together. After 2 terms of BBIP I feel a lot more fluent and gaps in my grammar are being filled so my language is more understandable. Our class is relaxed, informative and fun and I look forward to next term.    Jane, Beginners’ 2b, Swanbourne, June 2021

As a mature student studying the Indonesian language it stretches ones mental capacity ..,The teachers deliver the language and culture of Indonesia in a meaningful way ..its a relaxing way to learn and ultimately when we can travel to Bali it will be extremely practical knowing the basics ..   Greg J Beginners 2b June 2021


Even though we can’t travel to Indonesia right now, it is a great time to try and improve our language skills. I have really enjoyed Ibu Wieke’s class. We have a great group who interact really well together and Ibu Wieke strikes the perfect balance between making the classes both fun and challenging. A great way to meet interesting people too.   Christine C Beginners 2b June 2021

Ayo ikut!

Guru hebat. Excellent combination of language learning and cultural issues in our Beginners Level 2 class.  Christine

Ibu Guru always conducts her classes well and includes everyone in the lesson.  Anne Marie

The teachers and organisers at BBIP are very passionate about what they do and it shows in their teaching. The native speakers in particular provide practical application of the Indonesian language as well as cultural context. Each course I’ve taken has been a fantastic experience.   Tom

Great beginnings

I have enjoyed my first term very much. Very helpful and nice teacher (Ibu Amanda) definitely going back for second term.   Jorg

The teacher Pak Andre was very inclusive and made the online class fun and productive. Carmel

2021 Conversation class – Swanbourne

Course was well suited to conversational needs. Our teacher was excellent and colleagues too at advanced level to make for a balanced class and participatory learning situation.   Kevin

My conversation is relatively okay but I enjoyed extending my vocabulary and finessing my conversation.   Richard


2021 Conversation online

The conversational class was a great way to practice listening and responding to questions. Pak Andre did a wonderful job of making sure everyone was able to participate and learn in each lesson. Thanks BBIP.  Joe, March 2021

Online practice

An engaging course, providing learners equal opportunities to practice new and learnt vocabulary.

Iswari, June 2020

So much better to learn with interaction

Once into the groove of learning Bahasa Indonesia in an online course, I really enjoyed the conversation and opportunity to learn from other students, and of course Pak Zacky.

Pak Zacky was immensely patient and good natured throughout. I got a lot out of the course, including small tips as to how things were the way they were, which you don’t get from other online language resources (e.g. apps).   Rohan, June 2020