There is one day in the Balinese “Saka” Year (a Saka year is about 6 months in the Western Calendar), when the entire island of Bali honours an observation of silence that sees the island completely devoid of noise and commotion. This is Hari Nyepi, a day of spiritual purification and retreat, of meditation and self-control, and a day free of bad spirits.

Hari Nyepi always takes place on the first day of the tenth month of the Balinese lunar Saka calendar which means it is always around March or April. The Balinese Hindu religion states that the New Year should begin with nothingness, as all of existence came from nothing.

Nyepi is part of a series of four events over five days. Some of Bali’s most colourful and photographed ceremonies are held three days prior to Nyepi. Read more about Nyepi Celebrations

Ogoh-ogoh are intended to scare away evil.


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