BBIP members dinner.

Tempayan Restaurant on 29 November 2021.

BBIP Chairman, Leon Walker reported:

We held a well-attended and enjoyable end of year function at Tempayan in Nedlands. This event arose from requests from students for the opportunity to speak Indonesian with native speakers in an informal setting.
Our guest of honour was Ibu Listiana Operananda  the new Indonesian Consul General in Perth who was accompanied by old friends Consul Pak Nanda Avalist and Vice-Consul Pak Dominggus Suebu. Ibu Listiana was presented with a pictorial book of the history and achievements of BBIP compiled by Ibu Karen Bailey. Ibu Listi also welcomed the opportunity to meet and speak with so many BBIP members.
The BBIP Chairperson announced the new member benefit scheme. Initially, this consists of discounts at three Indonesian restaurants/cafes: Tempayan, Café Bintang and Dapur Van Java. Conditions apply and details can be found at Mau Makan?

Terima kasih, Ibu Georgina and Ibu Hara atas keahlian memotret.
Please excuse the omission of honourifics due to space restrictions.

The Board would appreciate receiving members’ views on this type of event and suggestions for other events. Contact the Board.