BBIP offers 8-week courses each school term, which means, roughly

  • February – April
  • May – July
  • August – September
  • October – December

In 2019, the last courses start in the week of 21 October.

In 2020, the first classes of the year will start in the week beginning 10 February.

BBIP charges a fee for classes, to cover the salaries of the teachers. A minimum of 6 students is required to run a class. Online enrolments are always open well before the enrolment deadline (usually one week before classes are due to begin) to give the maximum opportunity for prospective students to sort out their commitments.

More about classes, including

  • course descriptions
  • class fees
  • terms and conditions.
  • online enrolment for term 1 2020
  • testimonials


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