Introducing BBIP’s film club; it’s just for members and it’s FREE.

The plan is for Klub Film to screen modern Indonesian feature films – with English subtitles –  just for members.
Of course members can invite friends and family – as long as they are or become members of BBIP.

Our first film, on Saturday  20 July, 2 pm at the State Library of WA, is

Sultan Agung: the Throne, Battles and Love

Synopsis of historical bio-pic Sultan Agung.

Set in the 16th century the film explores the Java – European relationship through the story of Sultan Agung of Mataram, ascending the throne and facing the VOC (Dutch East India Company) through great wars and treacherous events that caused his people much misery. After his father, Panembahan Hanyokrowati, dies, Raden Mas Rangsang who is still a teenager succeeds him and is given the title of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma. Sultan Agung has to unite the dukes of the Javanese who are divided by VOC politics led by Jan Pieterszoon Coen (Hans de Kraker). He must sacrifice his true love to Lembayung by marrying a noble woman who is not his choice. Sultan Agung’s rage towards the VOC peaks when he learns that the VOC does not comply with the trade agreements with Mataram by building a trading office in Batavia. He raises the Batavian War until the death of JP Coen and the collapse of the VOC fortress. During this war, Sultan Agung faces much betrayal and disloyalty around him. At the end of his life, Sultan Agung revives the place where he studied, and preserves the traditions and works of Mataram culture. Starring Ario Bayu as Sultan Agung, Adinia Wirasti as Lembayung, Christine Hakim as Gusti Ratu Banowati and Lukman Sardi as Sultan Agung’s uncle.

Watch the trailer; the film has English sub-titles

Saturday 20 July

2 pm

State Library of WA Theatre
25 Francis Street Perth

Bring a copy of the email acknowledgement of your booking as your ‘ticket’.
Please note that each member may ‘purchase’ only one ticket.

Members, book your ticket now!

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