BBIP is proud to introduce online learning / pembelajaran daring with these wonderful teachers.

Dr Theresia Seputro is treasured as the senior teacher of BBIP classes. She has taught BBIP classes at all levels over the past 11 years and in 2020 is taking on the challenge of online teaching. Ibu Theresia is also a tutor and lecturer in Indonesian at the University of WA where she has been frequently nominated by students and colleagues for excellence in teaching awards.



Yahya Zakaria, or ‘Zacky’, is an Indonesian teacher who recently embarked on his teaching career in Australia. His passion for language teaching began when he created his own digital series on YouTube called ‘Learn Real Bahasa Indonesia’. Since then, he has had the opportunity to teach in a community school in New South Wales, develop his own online language program, and teach students from the Indonesian Studies program at Monash University. To extend his interest in the use of ICT in education, Zacky recently completed a Masters Degree in Digital Learning through Monash University.


Andre Maure was born and grew up in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). He recently graduated from the University of Bristol in the UK and earned a degree of MSc in Education (Learning, Technology and Society). He loves traveling and has visited different parts of Indonesia and the world to meet his old and new friends. Now he lives in Bali and has devoted himself to teaching Indonesian. He has experienced teaching Indonesian online using various learning platforms to help his students in Australia, the USA, and the UK including students in several European and Asian countries to get to know and learn Indonesian language and culture. Most of his students say that he’s a dedicated and professional teacher. He is also very friendly and incredibly patient. In addition, he speaks English very well but is happy to speak only Indonesian and explain things in clear Indonesian. He’s very looking forward to helping you learn Indonesian and making you feel confident in your language ability.


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