PIFF’s aim is to introduce the diversity of Indonesia to the people of Western Australia, through the enjoyable experience of film. PIFF brings to Perth Indonesian stories and the people who tell these stories, Indonesia’s best and most prominent actors, directors and producers.

Films are screened in Indonesian with English subtitles and are selected to represent different genres of film and to illustrate aspects of life and culture within and across Indonesia, from Aceh in the northeast of Sumatra across the vast Indonesian archipelago to Papua.

Legendary actor Ibu Jajang C Noer is a strong supporter of BBIP’s Perth Indonesian Film Festival. Ibu Jajang has attended PIFF many times and always brings with her an atmosphere of access to the current Indonesian film-world.

Among recent film projects, Ibu Jajang includes the very popular Surat Dari Praha (Letters from Prague) 2016, Filosofi Kopi and Toba Dreams, both 2015, Cahaya Dari Timur (The Light From The East )2014 and the everyone’s favourite Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) 2008.


Since its inception in 2011, PIFF has successfully introduced the diversity of Indonesia to the people of Western Australia, through the enjoyable experience of film. With the screening of 32 Indonesian films during this time, Perth audiences have experienced Indonesian stories as told by some of Indonesia’s best and most prominent filmmakers and had the opportunity to meet and chat with over 40 high profile actors, directors and producers at the screenings.

Download a list of films and artists attending the Perth Indonesian Film Festival since 2011


PIFF brings many disparate groups together: lovers of film, fans of Indonesian film, WA’s Indonesian communities and their non-Indonesian friends, members of the diplomatic corps, business leaders, government officials and members of Parliament, and students and teachers of Indonesian language and culture. The event is really brought to life through the presence of the Indonesian film personalities.

Film studies

Each PIFF includes a film especially chosen to interest students in years 7-12. Dedicated screenings of these films include a Q and A session with the film’s stars and/or director. For many students, PIFF is the highlight of their school year.

BBIP also prepares learning materials for teachers to use prior to and after the festival, and designed to help students get the most out of the screening. These materials are provided free-of-charge. Packages developed for PIFF in 2011-2016 are available to download.


PIFF is unique in introducing Australians not only to the films of modern Indonesia but also to the people who make and star in Indonesian films. Ticket prices are kept low in order to attract as many people as possible to the PIF program. Sponsorship is essential to the continued life of PIFF.

PIFF needs your support.  Become or suggest a sponsor of PIFF.

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