Learn Indonesian - even a little will make a huge difference to your business or holiday experience in Indonesia, just as Alice experienced:

I loved chatting with this little eight year old Dayak girl. She was very shy and probably a bit frightened of me. I felt privileged that after our little chat she was happy to have her Mum take this photo with me...Without the work of BBIP I wouldn't have been able to chat to her or even have been there. BBIP developed my love and interest in the wider Indonesia.... such an enchanting country. Thankyou! 

Terima kasih Ibu Alice! 

Enrich your experience of Indonesia and its people just like Alice by learning with BBIP. Our experienced teachers are all background speakers who draw on deep personal background in Indonesian culture and language. In 2017, BBIP will offer classes at two venues - Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Adelaide Terrace, Perth and Scotch College in Swanbourne.

The language that is strategically useful, most likely to be useable on low-cost, nearby holidays and relatively easy to grasp in its basics is Indonesian. It has simple pronunciation and structure, and a phonetic script using the Roman alphabet.   Hamish McDonald "Asia Pacific" Editor, April 2008

Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth offers four levels of courses. In 2018, all four levels are offered at both central Perth and Swanbourne venues. (Provided the viable  level of enrolments is reached for each class.)

Level 1Beginners/Survival covers basic communication skills with the emphasis on listening, speaking and reading skills, providing learners with the confidence to communicate for the purpose of exchanging personal information and transactions. Class time is complemented with online practice between lessons to build confidence and the basic skills to carry you forward.

Level 2: Beginners (2A, 2B, 2C, 2D) provide a variety of workplace and social scenarios with similar grammatical difficulty and complexity. These modules follow on from Level 1 but can be studied in any order. 

Level 3: Elementary (3A, 3B, 3C, 3D) consolidate and broaden vocabulary and language use. These modules follow on from Level 2 but can be studied in any order.

Conversation Classes are aimed at people who want to maintain their Indonesian fluency with targeted practice sessions in the classroom and online between lessons. Classes are structured around specific interest topics and focus on oral communication. 

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For more information, email us at enrolcourse@balaibahasaperth.org

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