Classes all smiles.
Here's the conversation class at Swanbourne, keen to get started with Pak Ary.

What do students say about BBIP courses and teachers?


Philip 2017 - Attending Ibu Amanda’ Bahasai Indonesian class 2B has been a valued and very rewarding experience. Ibu Amanda has made classes most interesting, challenging and fun. Ibu Amanda’s style is both warm and friendly, and well informed.  She encourages students to engage and participate in a manner that actively promotes learning in a friendly but professional environment. I can only say that I whole heartedly recommend the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth courses to anyone, and I know I speak on behalf of all my fellow students, when I say thank you to Ibu Amanda, for giving us all the benefits of your knowledge and that we look forward to seeing you next term.

  • Alice 2017 - Loved chatting with this little eight year old Dayak girl. She was very shy and probably a bit frightened of me. I felt privileged that after our little chat she was happy to have her Mum take this photo with me...Without the work of BBIP I wouldn't have been able to chat to her or even have been there. BBIP developed my love and interest in the wider Indonesia.... such an enchanting country. Thankyou! 
Terima kasih, Ibu Alice, for the endorsement and this charming photo.

  • Annie 2017 - have had Ibu Hara as my teacher on Tuesday evenings at Scotch this term. I could not imagine a better introduction to learning Indonesian. Ibu Hara is endlessly patient and very encouraging to all students, whilst also managing to inject humour into each class. It has been a great experience.

  • Jo 2016 - I think the structure of the course is very good and Hara is an excellent teacher. Quizlet is very useful. Overall I am very happy with the course and plan to continue ideally with Hara as the teacher!!
  • Christine 2016 - I am really pleased with the Beg 2d class. Guru Liza puts a lot into the class and it's a great continuation on from Beginners. It uses what we learnt and expands on it.  I was going to say we should try and do more conversation and then last week that's exactly what we did - lots of conversation. So I'm really happy and hope It continues like this as I'll definitely be back for more! She's doing a great job. Terima kasih banyak.

  • Alice 2015 - Thanks for the classes with BBIP. I have truly enjoyed them over the past couple of years and have come a long way with my Indonesian which has in turn fuelled my interest in getting involved in bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia.  Thankyou so much to everyone who manages the organisational side of things and to your wonderful teachers.
  • Glenda 2016 Saya senang sekali dengan BBIP. Ibu Theresia sangat baik dan menarik. She is very helpful and informative and I like the way she is so punctual. 2 hours is perfect also. I like the balance between culture and language. I wouldn't change anything.  
  • AW 2016 - Absolutely love my BBIP classes, they have given me so much more than I had ever thought when I just wanted to learn a little bit of Indonesian for my holidays in Bali. The conversation class with Ibu Amanda is probably one of the best conversation classes I have ever attended, primary because she always speaks in Indonesian, even to explain things.  I love that there is a combination of new and challenging vocabulary and that she doesn't bring her level of conversation down for students but rather requires that they rise to her level.  

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