People you may meet at a BBIP class. Kenalkan, ini guru-guru BBIP:

Ibu Theresia teaches all three levels at the Konsulat-Jendral Republic Indonesia.  

< Ibu Theresia's service of five years as a BBIP teacher was recognised at the 2015 AGM.

Ibu Hara teaches the Beginners' Survival class at Scotch College.

Ibu Juli has extensive experience in BBIP classes and often fills in as a guru penggantian. 

Pak Wilfred coordinates classes at Scotch College.

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BBIP is always keen to hear from people who are interested in teaching our courses for adults and whose interest is supported by appropriate language skills and knowledge of Indonesian culture. Indonesian may be your first or second language or you may have been schooled in Indonesian or studied and lived in Indonesia. How you acquired your skill doesn’t matter as much as having good levels of standard Indonesian and a knowledge and understanding of everyday Indonesian cultures both in a contemporary and traditional sense.

What else are we looking for? Teaching skills and teaching experience.

Teaching skills, particularly an understanding of languages pedagogy and knowledge of second language acquisition are highly desired. You may hold a teaching qualification from Australia or elsewhere or have a natural talent for teaching.

Your experience as a teacher of Indonesian is especially relevant. Success as a teacher results from combining language and pedagogy skills to inspire, motivate and support student learning. We are seeking teachers who are learner-focused and have the skills to provide an adult learning environment that is interactive and dynamic.

So, in your application, tell us about

  1. how and when you acquired/learnt Indonesian language,
  2. your approach to teaching and language teaching qualifications if you have any,
  3. your experience teaching Indonesian and
  4. your citizenship, permanent resident status or current visa that permits you to work in Australia.

Whenever we need to appoint a new teacher we will assess all the applications currently on hand and approach the teacher whose skills seem best suited to the class involved.

Remember to include your contact details and a short resume of your employment history and send your application by email to info@balaibahasaperth.org

For more information, email us at enrolcourse@balaibahasaperth.org

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