Michael J 2017

MichaelJ in Oz Acclaimed a Hit Across the Country

The singing, dancing and applause may have finished but the concert memories burn on via BBIP's You Tube channel. Catch some of the excitement yourself as Michael, Deon and Toni turn studying Indonesian into living Indonesian.

Reports and reviews of the concerts.

Michael J is returning to Negeri Kanguru to present a series of concerts to students of bahasa Indonesia across Australia. The concerts will begin in Perth in early August and extend across the country until early September.

About the Project

This project will develop a greater motivation and enthusiasm of our young generation, in learning bahasa Indonesia through immersion in contemporary 'pop culture' of Indonesia. Michael Jakarimilena (Michael J or Michael Idol as he is also known) is a humble performer with a strong sense of national identity with Indonesia and is a positive mentor for the younger generation in both Indonesia and Australia.

Michael J interviewed for NET TV Indonesia after one his Australian school concerts in 2016

See video clips from Michael J's 2016 School Concerts in Australia on the BBIP Facebook page

Project objectives

  • Michael J will perform concerts in Indonesian to thousands of students studying Indonesian language (Yrs 6-12) in States across Australia during August and September 2017
  • The songlist for the 2017 concerts is compiled with input from teachers of Indonesian  and the songs have a direct connection with the Australian Curriculum: Languages (Indonesian) and are appropriate texts for learning Indonesian
  • There will be a big screen at each concert with the lyrics of the Indonesian songs displayed as they are performed, along with images from across the Indonesian archipelago
  • The concert will be an interactive and participative immersion concert experience for the students - a supportive environment where students are encouraged to use Indonesian language and actively engage in the concert.
  • Some concerts, may be simulcast with partner schools in Indonesia


The songlist for the 2017 concerts connects with many elements of the Australian Curriculum:Languages (Indonesian). Some of the themes to be included are;
  • identitas (identity)
  • nationalisme (nationalism)
  • keberagaman Indonesia (Indonesian diversity)
  • persatuan dan kesatuan (unity)
  • percaya diri (self worth)
  • kelestarian lingkungan (environmental sustainability)
  • perdamaian dan kedamaian (peace) and
  • cinta/sayang (love)

A resource package of work is available for teachers to use in their classrooms in the weeks leading up to and after the concert. Teacher can access these resources after registering for a concert by clicking here and using the code provided at time of registration.

Some students with their teacher join Michael j onstage for the Sajojo dance (2016)

Contact michaelidol@balaibahasaperth.org for information

The Michael J School Concerts in Oz are presented by Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (BBIP) and generously supported by the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia Canberra, and Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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