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Indonesian Language Courses

Thanks to all who enrolled and paid promptly for our current courses. Enrolments for the next courses (July-September 2017) are expected to open in mid July.

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Language Ambassador Program

Ambassadors inform and inspire students with personal stories of the benefits of learning Indonesian language and culture. Do you have what it takes to be an Ambassador?

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Language Assistant Program

Language assistants support Indonesian programs in Western Australian schools and bring Indonesian culture to students and teachers.
Applications for 2018 will open in May 2017.

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Perth Indonesian Film Festival

PIFF will return in 2017. Save the date: 18-21 May. Planning has begun with searches for films (easy) and sponsors (not so easy). Keep watch here for further details.

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Latest News

Indonesian for pre-schoolers

Bahasa Indonesia is one of six languages now available for young children to learn at preschool using tablet devices. 

The ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) program is play-based, digital language learning for children in preschool. ELLA is part of the Australian Government's commitment to supporting language study in Australia.

Learn more about ELLA.

Preschools need to apply to join the program on a "bring-your-own-devices" basis. Applications for 2017 are open so tell your child's preschool about the ELLA program.

Parents can download a free app to use with their children at home and this may be useful even if your child's preschool does not opt into the ELLA program. There are links to the parent apps  on the Early Languages Australia web page.

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Selamat Datang di Perth

The Language Assistants for 2017 were welcomed to Perth today by Ibu Karen Bailey (Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth) and Ms Pamela Stewart (Department of Education - centre) and Pak Bramantya Widodo (Vice-Consul, Republic of Indonesia - right).

From the left, they are:

Jessica Wijayanti from Jakarta.

Sitti Marhamah from Southeast Sulawesi.

Ary Qurnia from Jambi.

Tantra Afianto from West Jawa.

Come along to the AGM and Sundowner on 22 February to meet this year's language assistants and wish them well for their stay in WA.

Learn more about the Language Assistant program.

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In the Media

BBIP joins Fremantle delegation to Padang

So often it's the events outside official meetings that are key to cementing relationships. It was certainly the case when a delegation from the City of Fremantle, led by Mayor Brad Pettit visited Fremantle's city-city Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. The Mayor of Padang challenged his visitors to a 'sampan selaju' (fast canoe) race. 

The race was won, perhaps predictably, by the home team, but marked by generous cheering by the crowd and magnanimous applause from the Fremantle team congratulating their hosts, as reported in the local press .

Apart from Mayor Pettit in the red boat you may also recognise Ibu Karen Bailey who joined the delegation representing Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth.

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Jokowi Resmikan BBIP

Selamat Sukses, Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (Inc.)

Balai Bahasa Indonesia has been officially recognised by the Indonesian Government. During his two day visit to Australia, Indonesian President, Bapak Joko Widodo signed an agreement to support the Balai Bahasa that are already established in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra and to assist in opening Balai Bahasa in other states and territories. 

Balai Bahasa started in Perth, conceived and brought to life by Ibu Karen Bailey, with the assistance and support of the Indonesian Consulate in Perth and in collaboration with Westralian Indonesian Language Teachers Association (WILTA). Ibu Karen was invited to join Pak Jokowi on stage at the Sydney Convention Centre on 26 Feb 2017 for the signing of the agreement.

Click on each photo to view a larger and better version.

It is a simple document but its impact will be far-reaching in promoting the mission of Balai Bahasa. 

Dengan rahmat Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa Presiden Republik Indonesia meresmikan wilayah Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia dan Northern Territory. Joko Widodo, Sydney, 26 Pebruari 2017.

Watch Ibu Karen's part in the event at 2:00:15 of the video Pres. Jokowi Meets the Indonesian Community in Sydney.

In the Indonesian press:

Jokowi akan Perbanyak Pusat Bahasa Indonesia di Australia

Kunjungi Australia, Jokowi bakal resmikan balai bahasa Indonesia
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