Michael J Concert

MichaelJ in Oz Acclaimed a Hit Across the Country

The singing, dancing and wild applause may have finished but the concert memories are still warm and exciting. Watch and listen on BBIP's new You Tube channel.  Hear Michael, Toni and Deon in concert and interacting with students. See the joy on students' faces as they join in singing the songs they have been studying. 

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Perth gallery

MuManager Ibu Karen with Michael, Toni and Deon at Perth Airport.Off to a lively start for a full house and The Lakes Theatre, Mandurah Baptist College.Margaret River PS supplied the backing singers for Raya Indonesia.
Helena College's rock hero Calvin joined in the encore.Ibu Karen, the tour has started. Alangkah senangnya!Consul-General Pak Ade with special guests and supporters.Ibu Laura showed off the new languages centre at Wesley College.

PERTH, Tuesday 7 August   Warmed up and raring to go!

Ready for the first of two WA concerts, Mikki J, Deon, and Toni are joined by special guest Calvin from Helena College to entertain over 1200 students at The Lakes Theatre, Mandurah Baptist College. Right from the first song, Indonesia WOW!, the roof was almost lifted off as the capacity crowd clapped, whistled and sang along to songs learned and practised in class. Students from Margaret River Primary School formed a chorus of back-up singers for Raya Indonesia and for Sejojo and Poco Poco the dancers came from many of the 16 schools attending. 

The second, northern suburbs concert will be held at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School in Mindarie on Thursday 10 August. If you hear a roar, it may not be thunder after all, just cheering students honouring Mikki, Toni and Deon.

PERTH, Sunday 6 August  Look who's here!

Ibu Karen welcomed Deon, Toni and Michael to Perth at the start of their 2017 Australian Tour

Watch Shafira's Um's 2016 report on Michael's visit and concerts for Indonesia TV.

If you missed the concerts last year (and all the great learning activities around them) here's what you need to know about Michael Jakarimilena :

Also known in Indonesia as Michael Idol and sometimes as Miki J, Michael gained public attention in Indonesian as a finalist on a season of Indonesian Idol. Born in Papua, Michael’s voice very much reflects the vocal talents of this largest and easternmost province of Indonesia. He has a voice that is distinct, with a rich and melodious tone, and the talent to sing a range of musical genre. 

Michael has appeared in three films since 2006 and is regularly seen on television and in concerts around Indonesia. 

In what was an Australian first, Michael J performed a schools-only concerts in Western Australia, in which schools with Indonesian language programs were invited to bring their students along to hear and join in with a range of songs performed on stage by Michael. The experience was a labguage immersion for the students, with the majority of songs, including pop, rock, dangdut, reggae and hip-hop styles, sung by Michael in soulful Indonesian. 

Students eagerly joined in during the concert , singing along with the lyrics projected the big screen with images that reinforced the meaning of the language in the songs.



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